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              THE ONLY TRUE EXCAVATOR CONRTOL SYSTEM                                                The next 4 movies will help you to see the difrent ways the IDigBest works. This system works with all your excavators with or with without machine control.                                 

               (REAL TIME MEASURING)    69face book

By Excavators for Excavators

The video of 5 year old Joey digging perfect grade by himself was a huge hit at the 2013 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas and on the web. We had a continuous traffic jam in front of our booth as people were mesmerized at what they were seeing. Disbelief was the sentiment of all who stopped to watch. As they watched the video several times, the skepticism washed away as they saw the sheer joy and enthusiasm only a child can portray. Joey was having the time of his life digging for the first time and in reality, digging better than any other seasoned operator ever could. Many believers in the IDigBest system were born at the show. Watch below for yourself and think about the endless possibilities the system has to offer your business.

idig best


april 2013 biz card phil

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Best grading attachment out there


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IDigBest is pleased to announce the debut of the    3DX-SCREED Roller Grader.  The latest patent pending attachment has been in development over the past several years.  The 3DX – Roller Grader ha…

Source: 3DX-SCREED 10.5

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3DX-SCREED laser grader

Best $6,000 you will Evers spend!

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Improve your Excavating Abilities!! Make More Money

Excavating Solutions / IDigBest

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Explain Machine Control for Excavators

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Cat 305.5 grade assist from IDigBest 

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